Fireside Detroit Lakes, MN

I guess the best way to describe this place is “complete and utter dissapointment”. I went to the Fireside with high hopes after a few (not many mind you) positive comments. The inside is has a very warm and cozy feel. The view of the lake is also terrific and the wine selection impressive. However this is where I should have stopped and went somewhere else to eat. They started me with a vegetable tray and some bread. Neither was very impressive and the presentation even less so. All of the items on the menu sounded delicious and I felt there was most likely not a bad choice to make. I chose the filet mignon cooked to medium. However when it arrived it was extremely well done. No pink in the middle, no juices. As a matter of fact it looked liked someone forgot about it, charred on one side and then turned over before being put on my plate. I hestitantly sent it back as I don’t normally do that but at $35+ for the filet I felt I deserved it done to my liking (or at least close). After around 30 minutes my steak arrived again, this time rare and barely even cooked. Turns out the joke was on me. Apparently you don’t send a steak back even if it is bone dry and way over cooked. I’m not even going to get into the dry garlic mashed potatoes served with my steak. Considering there was only 2-3 other people in the restaurant they can’t really blame it on being busy. Just a lousy chef and poor service.

In the end they are passing off average fare at a high price assuming the view (and maybe a few glasses of wine) will distract you. Don’t be fooled. I left hungry and went to Zorbaz, which I should have done to start with.

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